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(Finally) heal your chronic health challenges with an approach that gets to the root cause!

Free 30 Minute Discovery Call!

"...diagnosed with prediabeties/diabetic. A new diet being the hardest, most emotional task I have ever experienced. Courtney guided and helped me accomplish a healthy, thriving body full of energy."

" interest in my life to living again! And I'm off my anxiety medication I took for over 10 years!"

"My body is finally letting go of brain fog, vertigo, fatigue, constant headaches, sinus issues and weight issues."


You're about to drop the mic on your chronic health issues, walk offstage, and never look back. 


Welcome to the heal-the-root, fast tracked, science-based, secret weapon of corrective healing – safe and effective for men, women, and children of all ages.


Because let's face it—dealing with chronic health issues has been nothing short of a nightmare. But that’s all about to change.
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It can bring even the strongest human to their knees...

You’re trapped in a never-ending spiral of fatigue, body pain, migraines, digestive issues, food sensitivities, weight woes, menstrual misery, and brain fog so thick you feel like a character in
Dazed & Confused.

Your complex chronic illness is a mystery, and your doctors are just making up answers at this point because they’re all like “what the hell,” too. (But it doesn’t stop them from sending HUGE bills.) 

Your DIY-ing is a bust: failed elimination diets, the exercise program that fixed nothing but threw your back out, and weeding through healthy recipes on Pinterest like your life depends on it …

Fun, right? 

You're left more rundown than ever, and your "give a sh*t meter" is on “E.”

Your life has become a series of sick days, half listening to your kid talk about the lives of koalas, and isolating because people are draining the f*ck out of you. All you want is to be in bed by 7 PM … OK, for real 6:30.

Living in a half-assed zombie mode isn’t the life you envisioned. Deep down, you know something is off in your body.

Like, REALLY off.


True healing goes beyond just treating symptoms – it's more than popping vitamins or trying quick fixes like saunas and celery juice. It's deeper than being slapping on a label – “oh, guess I’ve got IBS/POTS/EBV/WTF-ever-else.”

It’s MORE than that.

And you deserve more than that.

I can help you get to the more. And I can help you with a specialized approach that’s effective, long-lasting, and quicker than if you were doing this solo.

We help adults and children reverse...

  • Lyme disease & co-infections
  • Hormone imbalance/infertility
  • Mold/mold illness
  • Parasites
  • Heavy metals
  • Bacterial infections
  • Food allergies and sensitivities 
  • Epstein Barr Virus
  • Histamine Intolerances
  • Fatty Liver Disease
  • Endometriosis
  • Crohn's/Colitis
  • Candida

…and other complex chronic and mystery illnesses.

Tootles to the tears and the tired!

What would it be like to finally get to the root of your health issues?

It’s like someone gave you this horrible f*cking onesie that you can’t get off.

And you’ve been ripping and tearing to get this thing off for years. So you can finally just breathe, feel comfortable in your body, and feel the weight lift.

Imagine finally having YOU back.

You aren’t the average human, and this isn’t the average holistic healing journey.


We’re going to level up the health of every family member—from kids to adults—through:
  • My deep understanding of the science your body needs for transformation.
  • Muscle testing to precisely identify the toxins impacting your health, and a tailored plan for quick removal.
  • A potent herbal regimen from a leading innovator in chronic illness treatment.
  • My "More Than Food" method, where we create a personalized formula to address your health symptoms.

Together, these strategies will help you finally feel and look how you’ve been wanting to…

…for way too long.

I'm Ready to Level Up My Health!

The proof is in the pudding...

"I’ve been working with Courtney for my gut health. I’ve had pain in my lower tummy for years after eating. I had been to many doctors and all they ever said was I needed fiber and probiotics. I tried using what they had told me to use but I felt as if they were covering up the issue. Most of the time it didn’t even help. Flash forward to now I’m no longer bloated after eating, no pain, no longer puffy, more energy and all around feel 100x better. Working with Courtney is a breeze. She truly wants to fix the root cause of your issues. I would definitely recommend her as your health practitioner!"

- Hannah H.

“I wasn’t big on the holistic, naturopathic route. My wife got me signed up because of a few years of gut related issues, fatigue, brain fog, sinus issues, and trouble with sleep. The investment was well worth it as all of these areas have cleared up during my time working with Wellness at the Root/Courtney. This is honestly the best I have felt in over a decade.”

- Lee H.

A Specialized Approach

The Root Restoration

Customized root cause healing at the cellular level for chronic health challenges.
I'm Ready For Some Epic Healing!

Hey! I'm Courtney!


  • She/Her

  • Obsessed with health and healing

  • Forever addicted to coffee

  • Geeks out on the science of true root cause healing 

Oh AND I have a freakishly accurate intuition for pinpointing the actual root of your health issues and validating why your body is doing what it’s doing.

More About Courtney Kinnett-Hooper, CFNC

Ready to finally stop fearing your body and feel like you again?!


Free 30 Minute Discovery Call