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Some dirt on Courtney...


The best gift I have ever received is an espresso machine…now my introverted self never has to leave home.

If I could get paid to sunbathe, drink coffee, and hike for a living…holy sh*t sign-me-up!

My superpower, figuring out the root of your health issues…it’s like a spidey tingle I can’t turn off!

I was a Park Ranger for 7 years before becoming a health practitioner…yes I still have the hat.

I currently live in a shipping container home my husband & I built, and LOVE's bigger than you'd think!


Functional Nutrition Counselor

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Integrative Nutrition Gut Health Specialized

CellCore Level 1 & 2 Muscle Testing

My Story

I’m not really good at talking about myself, but I do want to get personal with you…not for sympathy, but just to show you that no matter what health challenges you are faced with, you can come out stronger than ever.

Quick summary:

  • 2 days old: heart surgery for pulmonary stenosis (valve basically stuck together)

  • 13 years old: same heart surgery…but traumatized and scared sh*tless because I actually know what’s going on this time.

  • 21 years old: skin cancer, that’s right melanoma

  • 22-26 years old: skin spots removed “pre-cancer”, not mention the redness and inflammation my skin always showed

  • 26 years old: constipation, liver pains and bloating…ugh so much bloating people thought I was pregnant

  • 30 years old: stomach pains I couldn’t eat or get out of bed for 1 month (and no I’m not exaggerating)

Today, I still have a few health symptoms but my heart completely healed (just a lil' murmur), I haven’t had skin removed for 5 years, the redness in my face is gone, constipation and bloating is far and few between (and I know how to correct it very quickly), zero liver pain, and I can get out of bed pain free with zero stomach issues.

That run-on sentence may seem magical, but it truly took years to heal all of those hiccups...



And when I say heal, I DON'T mean a medication from a doctor, another quick fix diet to only have symptoms come back worse, a magical shake or drink that will fix all of my problems, another workout program because that will fix everything, or another magical supplement that does nothing…

…just no.

I healed my body by getting to the ROOT of my issues.


Think about, all those surgeries with antibiotics, injections with who knows what’s in it, excessive drinking (whoops), eating processed foods as a broke college kid, the stress that life brings in, the environmental toxin exposure you don’t even think…it just goes on and on.

BUT, it makes sense. All my body was doing was fighting back. It was fighting the things I wasn’t even aware of that were harming me…which is ok, but my body sure let me know WTF was up!

And maybe you’re experiencing the same thing.

I want you to know that you are not broken, you do not need to be fixed, your body just needs a little extra love and attention, like your needy Labrador, so you can heal your body from the root cause too.


The ONE THING I wish I had when I started healing my own body…the methods and knowledge I have NOW from my health trainings. I can only imagine that instead of YEARS to heal…it could have been half the time (and half the cost!).

I want your own health struggles to be cut in HALF. I want to help you accelerate your results so it doesn’t take you years like it did for me.

My final wish for you...

to live free from your chronic health issues and symptoms because I know what it’s like to not be able to get out of bed. It’s time live your life free again!

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