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Welcome! I'm Courtney.

holistic health guru at your service!

Hello friend!

In addition to my qualifications…

  • Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner 
  • Cellcore Practitioner Level 1 & 2 Trained

…here are some personal deets:

  • The best gift I ever received is an espresso machine…now my introverted self never has to leave home.
  • If I could get paid to sunbathe, drink coffee, and hike for a living…holy sh*t, sign-me-up!
  • My superpower is figuring out the root of your health issues—it’s like a spidey tingle I can’t turn off.
  • I was a Park Ranger for 7 years before becoming a health counselor and yes, I still have the hat.
  • I live in a shipping container home my husband and I built together…and we love it!

My Story

I'm not usually one for oversharing, but let’s get real about overcoming health hurdles.

My Health Journey:

  • At 2 Days Old: Heart surgery because my pulmonary valve was a no-go.
  • At 13: Round two of heart surgery, only this time I was freaked out because I actually understood what was happening.
  • At 21: Boom, hit with a melanoma diagnosis.
  • Age 22-26: Constant battle with 'pre-cancer' skin spots and endless skin inflammation.
  • At 26: The bloating was so bad, people asked if I was pregnant. Plus, constant constipation and liver pain—no thanks.
  • At 30: Stomach pains so severe, I was bed-bound for a month.

Fast Forward to Now: Heart's all good, haven't needed skin treatments in 5 years, facial redness and bloating are mostly a memory, and I can jump out of bed with zero stomach issues.

This wasn't an overnight fix or some miracle shake situation. It was a deep dive into root cause healing—tackling the build-up from surgeries, meds, junk food, environmental toxins, and all that life stress.

What did I learn? That my body was just fighting back against stuff I wasn't even aware was harming me.

And if you're feeling like something's off, I'm here to tell you, you're not broken. You just need some targeted TLC.

The Dream: I wish I had the insights and methods back then that I have now. It could’ve slashed my recovery time. And I want that for you or the person in your life who is suffering—to halve your struggle, accelerate your healing, and help you live free from chronic issues.

Let’s cut your healing time in half.

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